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In the previous article, we talked about Advanced Listening. And we discussed the difference between energy that emanates and energy that reflects.

The sunlight reflecting from the moon does not look like the sun - it looks like the moon.

Now we need to talk about hearing. You've probably had someone say, "I know you're listening, but do you hear what I'm saying?" Hearing is synonymous with receiving. It is receiving in the same sense as opening the door and letting someone into your house, closing the door behind them. It's akin to swallowing food - it has the same feeling.

Hearing does not necessarily mean understanding, any more than letting someone through your door means that you know them or swallowing a piece of food means that you know exactly what it is. It means receiving into yourself. It means allowing that which you are receiving to affect you. In sex, the female accepts the male into her body and allows him to change her. Hearing someone means accepting him or her fully into your consciousness and letting that change you. It's listening in the same way that you would listen to a fine piece of music, letting it move you emotionally and letting it affect your soul.

Hearing is letting someone in. It's receiving the energy of what they're saying along with the ideas they are proposing. The energy behind the words is the "emanation" - the force, the life within the words. If we are protective rather than receptive, we will resist letting the energy in. Instead, we will project what we think they should be saying onto them, which will then reflect back onto us. It is that reflection, the sunlight that looks like the moon, which carries our own energy, that we will 'hear' and not the other person at all.

It is being protective, therefore, that is the greatest block to hearing. It is the lack of trust, the lack of being receptive. It's like tasting food without actually swallowing it, considering ideas with our mind only and not with our heart.