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Welcome to Café Religio

Thank God there are many spiritual paths to choose from!

Union, wholeness, peace - these experiences are the same, regardless of how we reach them. The Higher Self, universal consciousness, the Great Being - these terms all describe the same reality. Why quibble over the words? Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, cosmic consciousness - when we experience any of these, we experience them all. God is much, much bigger than any religion!

Spiritual experiences are surprisingly easy to attain. It is religion that is difficult. And the difficulty is unnecessary. In this day and age, "suffering is truly optional".

When we experience our oneness with God, we begin to see God everywhere, especially in other people. Our heart opens, and compassion starts to guide our actions. We no longer have to live "by the book"; the "book" is written in our hearts.

God happens from the inside out. Café Religio shines light on that which is already there and gives you ways to experience God within your own being. God is not "out there" somewhere. God is within you. Always has been and always will be. It is that simple.

The following articles in the Café Religio section of INTU can be read in any order. Read whatever catches your eye. Some of the articles have links to related articles, either in Café Religio or in one of the other sections of INTU. Let Spirit guide you in your explorations.


- inter-faith conversations on the Web

- from The Golden Nuggets

Free Will
- what's up with that?

Everything Happens for a Purpose...Or Is It a Reason?
- making better life-decisions

How to Induce an Inner Light Experience
- what it means to "see" the light

Peace and Chaos
- sometimes chaos is peace.

Take Me to the River
- learning by unlearning

Meditating in the Silence
- downloading the presence of God

Our Elephant
- a New Age look at that Old Time Religion

Saved By Grace
- a new way to understand "grace"

Practicing the Presence of God
- overcoming the Consciousness of Prohibition

Seeing Through the Walls In Your Relationships
- freeing your partner from the tyranny of assumptions

Forgiving the Significant Other
- is anything worth more than love?

Bloom Where You Are Planted
- "Rev.Jonah" addresses his fellow pastors

The Virgin Birth and the Phoenix
- some thoughts leading up to Christmas

An Inner Christmas
- a Christmas letter

- roping the mind

Jesus and the New Age
- what did Jesus say about the New Age?

Living Energy
- eight ways to tune into the energy of the New Age

Thinking Differently
- seeking the experience of God first

You Are Innocent
- negating attack consciousness

Everything Happens for a Purpose
...or Is It a Reason?

Free Will
...what's up with that?

Why is it so hard to repeat a spiritual experience?
...and why do they fade away so fast?

Pitfalls to Avoid on the Spiritual Path