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How to Induce an
Inner Light Experience

by Michael Maciel

The force that
through the green fuse
drives the flower
drives my green age.
- Dylan Thomas

Why, you might ask, would anyone want to induce an inner light experience? You might think it a weird idea, some New Age sleight of hand, an occult trick, or the hallucinations of a madman. It sounds like one more altered state brought on by exotic breathing exercises or Kundalini manipulations. Whatever you think it is, ask yourself this before making up your mind: if I were to have an inner experience, wouldn't I want it to be light?

When we hear the word "light" in terms of spirituality, we tend to think that it refers to understanding, as in comic strips when a light bulb appears over a character's head. We even say, "I see the light" when what we really mean is that we understand. This is NOT the light referred to in the Bible or the other sacred texts.

Feel the life energy of the entire world as your life, and see it radiate a glorious noonday light, with all the intelligence, harmony, and joy that is of God.

Once, when I was a teenager, I overheard two of my older friends talking about seeing a white light. At first I thought they were talking about UFOs, but it soon became clear that they were talking about an inner experience that had occurred during crucial events in their lives.

One of them said that he saw this light when he ran out of money in India. He was lost in the middle of Delhi and was on the verge of panic. He knew no one, had not eaten in days, and thought that he was going to die. Having nowhere else to turn, he turned inward. He let go of his fear and surrendered to the Infinite. Light immediately flooded his head. It made him feel like the world had been lifted from his shoulders, and he felt like he could fly. His dire situation began to resolve itself, as though an invisible hand were intervening in his behalf.

My other friend said that he had seen light as he lay on the grass of a mountain meadow during a solo hiking trip in the Sierras. He was in a state of rapture, feeling at one with the earth, the sky, and all of life, when suddenly he felt power surge within him. He said that it looked and felt like the sun was shining inside his body. The experience was so profound that when he went back to school the following semester, he changed his major to Geology. He had fallen in love with the planet.

Both of my friends felt like their lives had been changed forever by their experiences. Though neither one had a subsequent experience like the first, the memory of it stayed with them, calling them to a higher purpose in their lives. As you can imagine, their conversation affected me deeply.

Later, I went on to join a monastic community, The Holy Order of MANS. I was taught meditation and prayer. I was trained to let go of personal concerns and to serve others selflessly. I had inner light experiences of my own, as did everyone in my class. I came to regard the light in my body as life made visible, the manifestation of the activity of God within me. I also learned how to access the experience of inner light whenever and wherever I wanted.

Since then, I have used the light as a key to unlock the mysteries of life. I trust it, because I trust life. Life to me is the opposite of entropy and stagnation, which are what happens when life is blocked. I go to the light when I want to attune myself with life, and when I want to replenish the level of life in my body and in my spirit.

We think nothing of recharging a battery when it runs low on electricity, but when it comes to recharging ourselves, we have very little understanding of how the power of life works. I'm not necessarily talking about getting energized so that we can work longer hours or to get up in the morning. I’m talking about finding our purpose and our clarity - nothing less than the rejuvenation of our spirit.

We hear so many people say that they haven't discovered their life's purpose. They can't decide whether to get married, move to a different city, or change careers. Life feels stuck, and they want something/anything to unstick it. If only they knew what they were "supposed" to do. The problem with this approach is that these questions are all coming from the physical, earth-oriented details of their situation, not from the center of their vitality, which is the light.

Questions like these, and we all have them at some point, are born of doubt. Doubting is like a car that can't quite make it up a hill. There's a point where it's still moving forward, but the movement fades quickly, and we can feel the exact moment when it disappears. Suddenly, the weight of the car and the steepness of the hill assert themselves, and the car begins to roll backwards. When we doubt, we feel like we're in the grip of terrible failure as we watch our goals recede from us with frightening speed.

It's tragic to see someone drowning in the particulars of their life's situation, as though their situation IS their life. This is why I push the light. Light is life unencumbered by a 'situation'. If we can turn away from our situation, not to neglect it, but to gain some perspective about it, the power of life will reorganize our situation, and life will express itself...with joy...through us.

Life energy is the perfect manifestation of the will of God. You cannot go wrong by focusing on the radiant light of the life energy within you. This is the great treasure, the pathway to God.

Here it is. This is how you can induce an inner light experience. Begin by sitting up straight. Let the energy in your spine, the life force, align your entire body. Allow it to tell you which posture is correct. As you focus on the energy, lean back into it. Just lean into it as though it were a column of light that you can rest your back against. As you do, you will begin to see how radiant this energy is. The life force radiates, and it manifests as light. Light is life made visible.

Allow this light/energy to bring your back into perfect posture. Don't let your muscles tell you what the correct posture is, because they will seek the position that's comfortable and not necessarily right. Let the energy itself, like a straight and perfect column, show you the best posture.

Don't resist the energy. Life energy is the perfect manifestation of the will of God. You cannot go wrong by focusing on the radiant light of the life energy within you. This is the great treasure, the pathway to God.

Once you have established this, and you see the light running right up the center of you, offer up this light to God, as a child would offer up a gift to its parent, so that it merges with the universal life of the whole world. Let the life energy within you merge with the life energy of God, for it is indeed one and the same life.

Feel the life energy of the entire world as your life, and see it radiate a glorious noonday light, with all the intelligence, harmony, and joy that is of God.

Now, seeing the whole world lit up, and being at one with the life energy with which it shines, offer the whole world up to God in light, life, and love. See all people alive and in ecstasy, being filled with the spirit of God, overflowing with God's abundant love.

To finish the exercise, settle into a deep inner peace. Let the whole experience go. Just be comfortable and still. Let what you have experienced sink into the deepest levels of your mind, until it vanishes completely. As best you can, forget about it. Get up and do something that requires your full attention. This is how conscious thoughts pass over into the sub-conscious mind.

Note: this exercise has within it the elements of visualization, feeling, positive intention, and letting go - all ingredients of prayer. As you sow, so shall you reap. What you put into the mind of God will come back to you a hundredfold. By initiating this pattern, you set the stage for the experience to manifest itself concretely in your life. It will come in its own time and when you least expect it - like "a thief in the night". The stronger and clearer the pattern, the faster the manifestation will come.