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Jesus and the New Age

What did Jesus say about the New Age?

If we read Jesus’ warnings about the "end of the world" as the "end of the age", and realize that astrological theory was the part of the language of the day, we can know what to expect as we enter into the Age of Aquarius.

Jesus came to prepare humanity for the greatest astrological event in the history of the world, the culmination of the sidereal year (26,000 years) combined with the point in our evolution where everyone on the planet is joined in one global community.

As above, so below
There is great power in a unified mass mind. As "critical mass" is approached, psychic shock waves ripple through the collective unconscious, causing deep emotional and spiritual disturbances.

The effects of a unified consciousness are felt both within the psyche of each individual and in the environment at large.

It’s impossible to get the sense of this if you think that astrology means the control of human lives by celestial bodies. This is not its true meaning. Astrology is the study of the spiritual harmonics of the overall Being in Whom we live. The celestial bodies themselves reflect these harmonies. They do not cause them.

The exact relationship between the soul and the cosmos is invisible to the rational mind and will forever be so. However, we can approach it by becoming one with the meditations "As above, so below" and "WoMan, know thyself.

More blessed to give
No amount of intellectual speculation can produce an elevated consciousness. High ground never surrenders itself; it must be attained. Truth offers no previews. The cost of admission is total trust and surrender. We cannot check it out ahead of time to decide if it’s for us. That’s like someone saying, "Let me sleep with you first, so I’ll know if I want to marry you."

The human psyche is an open-ended system. If you increase the inflow, you must also increase the outflow. This means that now is not the time to be overly selfish or self-conscious. The "amount" of spirit we are receiving must be offset by the "amount" of love we give. Otherwise, some part of us will break.

Two in the field
When Jesus said that there would be two in the field, and one would be taken and the other left behind, he meant that the spiritual change confronting us now will divide us down the middle, both collectively and individually. This is never an easy situation. In every sense of the word, we will be "torn" between two worlds. Our "survival" will depend on our ability to walk the razor’s edge between the urge to bail out and the exhilaration (or terror) of the influx of unpecedented spiritual power.

New wine, new bottles
Throughout Jesus’ teachings, there is an emphasis on the physical body. What he is telling us is that we cannot abandon the flesh in our desire to be one with God. We must prepare and cleanse the temple for the coming of the Lord. We have not yet reached the stage in our spiritual evolution where we can leave the earth plane behind. If we were, we would already be gone.

The body must keep pace with the spirit. One cannot attain spiritually by neglecting his or her physical body. The Buddha reached this conclusion five hundred years before Jesus, and Jesus reiterated it when he said, "New wine cannot be put into old bottles."

The body is the vehicle of consciousness. Consciousness is not the product of the body. Periodically, consciousness leaps to a higher level of functioning. The purpose of the world’s great religions is to prepare and maintain the mind and body of WoMan both before and during these evolutionary leaps.

Selfishness is essentially a negative (reverse) flow of energy in the spiritual energy system of the mind and body of WoMan. The source of that spiritual energy, however, comes from within, so the net effect of the reversal is confusion, a kind of spiritual constipation. The remedy is giving. The flow of spiritual energy must be turned around and made positive in order to maintain homeostasis, much like the dynamics of cellular osmosis. If we block the flow, we are dammed. Our temple will be destroyed, and "great will be the destruction thereof".

Unless I am lifted up...
Hindus refer to this flow as the Kundalini, the spiritual nerve force within the spine. This force is always flowing, like a river. If an individual is very selfish, the flow will be downward into the lower realms of consciousness. Acts of self-forgetting service toward others turns the flow around, and the higher centers of consciousness begin to open and express themselves outwardly in life.

The Kundalini is represented symbolically as a coiled, female serpent at the base of the spine. It is said to be coiled three and one-half times (half of seven), and is the thickness of a boar’s hair. This is symbolic language, of course. With our knowledge of science, we can read this as potential energy that, like a coiled snake, is ready to spring upwards at the slightest provocation. Its female gender is the ancient’s way of saying that the energies involved are "lunar", or cyclic, in nature.

The activity of the Kundalini varies over time—it ebbs and flows. The number of its coils gives us clues about how to activate this energy. One-half implies the other half. Creating a thing in the physical motivates its activation in the spiritual, and vice versa. These symbolic images were the scientific notations of the day. Today (and as the Pythagoreans did), we would express them mathematically and call them principles.

Besides having its basis in scientific fact, this image of the coiled serpent is a beautiful affirmation of our inherent spiritual life force. It is saying that the spirit within us wants to express itself in an upward fashion, that humanity’s "natural" self-expression is like a fountain, ever springing upwards to give refreshment to all. In other words, our true nature is love. Salvation, or the identification with the eternal nature of the spirit within us, comes through giving.

Even though comparisons can be made between the ancient mystery teachings, such as those in Hindu philosophy, and the New Age, we must not forget that the quality of the energy we are experiencing now is distinctly different from the past. There are fundamental changes manifesting in the world never before seen. That aspect of Jesus' teachings that scholars refer to as "apocalyptic", or "end of the world", refer to this new environment. It is the end of the world as we know it. His words are the instructions we need in order to adapt.