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Today's Patrol
by Michael Maciel

Iím going on Patrol. Would you like to join me?

When we were in the Order, Patrols were a continuous part of our life of service. They made us available to those in need, but they were also a living symbol designed to bring about a movement of poweróthe Light of Christ. By entering into the troubled neighborhoods of our cities and towns, we were able to use the power of God to bring about peace, stability, and cleansing. Iím sure that all of us have stories about miracles that occurred as a result of our activity while on Patrol.

Today, the troubled neighborhoods of the world are neighborhoods in the massmind. They exist in the hearts and minds of every person on the planet. The poverty we witness now is the poverty of love and caring. The violence we once faced on the street is surfacing in whole nations. The desperation and despair we once comforted in individuals has settled upon the entire world. Everyone is fearful of the future. Any rational person would be.

We need to do something about it.

I personally do not believe in fate. Neither do I believe that Godís will is to violently purge the Earth of sin or to punish its evildoers. I think that thoughts like these originate in angry and vengeful human minds, not in Godís mind. I believe that God does not have specific or concrete plans for humanity, but that He is more concerned with how we approach life, not in lifeís details. I donít believe that God cares which religion we belong to, what country we live in, or what our political inclinations are. I DO believe that He wants us to "touch the Earth", to offer ourselves as conduits for divine grace and healing power. He wants us to transmute negative energy into positive energy, hatred into love, exclusivity into equal opportunity and justice. I believe that He wants us to be the "transformed and transfigured Lord Jesus Christ" in order to bring about this communication.

Am I asking you to put on clerics and go out into the streets? No.

I am asking you to call down the Light of Christ on the world, in one voice and one intention. Are we looking for a particular outcome? Yes! We want the Light of Christ to come DOWN and illuminate the affairs of men. Throw OPEN the doors of the back roomsóboth those of the terrorist cells and of corporate secrecy. Let those things that are whispered in secret chambers be shouted from the rooftops! Let the Light expose every intention, and every lie. Where falsehood is being perpetrated, let the real evidence come forth. Where the truth is being blocked, let the obstruction be removed. This is what the Light of Christ does.

Is this call to action partisan? Is it political? Does it favor one side over another? Absolutely not. We only seek the GOOD of all.

How do we approach this? We approach it the same way we approached our Patrol Workówith focus, with the Light, and with the Word. What else is there?

This is not the time to sit back and let the chips fall where they may, because these chips are the size of houses! Most of us were not around during the Second World War. Ours was the "television war" of Vietnam. Fifty thousand Americans and approximately one million Vietnamese died in that war. Over fifty million living human beings died in WWII. If hatred were visible, like a dark cloud, that war generated enough of it to block the sun for hundreds of years. Thatís the real toll, not the bodies. For every person that died, one hundred were left seeking revenge.

Ask yourself this: do I want the whole world to live as the Israelis live? Do I want to wonder if the bus Iím taking to work is going to explode? Or, do I want to wake up to the news some morning and hear that New York no longer exists? Or Paris, or London, or Cairo? This will not be the "Good War" that our fathers point to with pride. It will be dirty and indiscriminate. There will be no heroism or glory, no good guys against bad guys. Everyone will be suspect, and all of the freedoms we have come to cherish, all of the open forums and freedom of travel, all of the diversity of information and interests will be gone. It will be like living in a prison, and no one will be exempt.

This does not have to happen.

We do not have to be for or against the upcoming war in Iraq. Thatís political. We have to be pro-Christ. Let the Light shine! And just as we went to specific geographical locations to do our Patrol Work, letís hone in on those areas of the massmind that are the darkestóthe greed, the fear, the ignorance, and the hatred. Who knows where these things hole up on the Earth. Probably not where we expect. So letís be (k)Nights of the Spirit and hit this one from the other side.

Shall we?


Yours in Christ,

Reverend Michael Maciel