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A discourse on Soul and Self

One of the possessions of man most talked of and least understood by psychologists, mental healers, metaphysicists and other people in these arts is the personality of the individual. This personality, seldom discussed in detail, is sometimes confused with that part of man that we call the individuality. But that which we call the soul-personality or mind of the soul is distinctly different from individuality.

These two words are often used to mean the same condition, but to us they are much like the terms "reality" and "actuality" or like the terms "real world" and "material world", for there is a definite distinction between them.

If we were to look up these two words in any dictionary to find their true English meanings, we would find the word "personality" defined as "that which makes for personal existence or identity or that which constitutes the distinction of the person." The term individuality is said to mean the "character peculiar to an individual or the sum of characteristic traits."

Let us consider these two words from our standpoint and knowledge of the soul. The personality in the definition used by the Holy Order of MANS, due to its observations of the Akashic realities, is the composite life-record of the reincarnate Self. Its total experience forms a life-mask of this life and it is this that is projected into the physical-material world, which you see shining out through its vehicles. This is why we call it the soul-personality.

For it is that long an arduous chain of reincarnate experiences which have produced the personality of the person you see in front of you.

Individuality is the composite of the desires and wishes, longings and temperamental reactions of the individual, which are only noticed in his actions, not in a radiant projection; or, as we would say, it doesn’t produce that magnetic personality. The individuality is lost when man has given himself truly to God in the service of Jesus Christ. He no longer needs anything, for he has all given to him—the grace, the power and the light which is given to every newborn son—and is brought into the group of the elect of the Father—His chosen ones.

"Man, know thyself." If you really know the Self, you KNOW the Self. You have seen the Self or you don’t know the Self. For you cannot possibly know unless you have felt, you have seen or you have used the Self.

Down through the ages man has discussed and sought God-Realization of the Self within. This is quite true. But as this information was handed from teacher to teacher and from teacher to student, slowly, like all things, it became obliterated in the veil of time. For one changed a little this way and another a little that way and now we have come to the stage where the world around us has changed and we are seeking more exacting evidence of truth and of the existence of that truth.

Men believe and know that there is divinity in man. They accept that man has eternal life if he works with it and for it through Our Lord Jesus. But I ask you: "What part of you is eternal? What lives on?" If we know that the Master told the truth and that man does live beyond the grave, then he is real and anything that is real can be seen either with the physical eyes or with spiritual sight.

Let us stop now the pussyfooting with words and get down to the realities. Either the soul and Self are real or they are not. If they are not, burn these papers and forget about religion!

This idea that there is something you believe in, but the Master or Creator provided no way to find out, or see, is something I don’t accept. I have never known anything created by the Father that could not be found or seen. This is simply because those who wrote about it did not see it and did not know it was true.

God made man in His own image - thus sayeth the Lord in Genesis. And He did. This is the Father of Creation with whom we live and move and have our being; but of course these are just words again to many people because they cannot believe that they can be as large as the Solar System—this is impossible and impractical.

But either we must come to the reality by accepting the New Testament AS IT IS GIVEN, or let’s get rid of it. We have brought nothing but chaos into the world with interpretations, and we have failed to accept the divinity of the Word of God.

This universe is oval-shaped, like a football, only more nearly round. If the Self is man, if the Self is the creature that God created, then it is the same shape, and it truly is, because I have seen it and many students have seen it.

One thing is certain, and our science proves it, and that is that what we are not conscious of we do not see. Thus, if it is not possible to lead us to the consciousness of soul existence, it could exist, and it does, without our knowing it or seeing it.

In order to approach the soul it is necessary that the temple be lighted by the Light of Christ and that the spiritual sight of the individual has started to develop. For it is a combination of physical and spiritual sight and a development of the consciousness through the work of a teacher that permits the student or initiate to approach the soul and Self, work with the Self for the attainment of wisdom and the building of the contact with the Mind of the Father through the Self.

It is quite true that the soul and Self are a cell of the Body of the all-wise and omnipotent Creator. The soul, being the mind or brain of the Self, is created by the radiation of energy from the center of Self toward the denser world. This creates the soul or reaction which the conventional church calls conscience. For the soul is denser in form around the Self than the Self, which is of a higher vibration. And, due to those experiences, both positive and negative, it is not all pure in its nature.

Soul, being of a mind or brain nature, records the experience of life existence all along its path of experience and life. Thus, there is no reason that one should not have a certain amount of recollection of the higher worlds and their reality.

As one goes forth on the path of existence and becomes more purified and relieves himself of his Karmic debt, the soul becomes more transparent and retains only the positive or, what one might call, the cosmic credits.

We must lift the scars of ignorance from the eyes of men so that they know that THEY are real and that God is real—we call it the all-encompassing Reality. These things cannot be separated; we cannot separate God from earth nor earth from God the Creator. This is why, out there amongst the people who have not tested the way, many stand in the dilemma of not knowing whether they exist or not.

We have had, at the very minimum, an increase of six hundred per cent in energy radiation in the last ten years. This is the energy level. It is scientific and logical that the vibration of the human vehicle or physical body has been raised—even amongst the Johnny Does. Therefore, there is an expansion of molecular structure and one is able to see more of the unseen because the seeing organs and sensing organs are much more sensitive and responsive to the levels of vibration which we formerly called unseen. This would bring us close enough to the realm of the vibration of the vital body of man so that we could see it. AND IT HAS.

Due to the fact that the soul and Self is carried in the vital body and is existent in the physical, as it would have to be, we therefore may see it if we are attuned with it. But he who is not attuned will not be able to sense or see it. AND WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT PSYCHIC PHENOMENA.

Let me straighten one thing out here. Do not think that you are going to reach this without discipline and without the aid of a spiritual teacher.

Christ Jesus told the many that in these days that which was secret would be revealed, and so we are revealing it.

Even as far back as the 6th century BC, some of the religious cults considered the soul a divine element which recorded the earthly experience and that the soul is a part of the Divine or Universal Soul for which the body of man, in its limited condition, is not a harmonious vehicle.

I would not call it a prison, but I would say that the continuous existence of the soul in a body is rather restricted and, of course, it is the way in which we are able to remove Karma of our past lives. It was also a teaching of the ancients that all living things had a homogeneous relationship.

It was also said that it was taught that the soul was attuned in an earthly, animal body for the length of time which would permit it to gradually attain a state of perfection in its earthly experience and that the test and trial were the methods of attainment. When the soul had attained, it was decreed that it was freed from the cycle of reincarnations. It was concluded that the circle, or cycle, was completed and one became pure and returned to the Divine Source where it was before its first imprisonment.