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Quoting Father

Father Paul This is one of the points of failure in the teachings of the Church: it's too complicated for man to understand, they tell you; you need special training! Well, I'm going to tell you something. Anyone who comes along and tells me that my soul and Self are too complicated for me to know, then I think their religion and their philosophy are too complicated for me to follow.

If the way to salvation isn't useful to me, then I have no use for it. We have had all the theories in the world that we want, and we want things that produce results, because religion without results is a useless thing. We've had too many years of that now. It has gotten into all kinds of forms and diverse channels; and yet in each one of these, there are things that are good and absolutely true. But--I cannot live on half a loaf of bread, and I'm sure you can't either.

People want at least one concrete thing to go on, a horizon to shoot at, one that's possible to reach! The Church has cut them off from this. There are many faiths that give us all kinds of promises, but none of them tell how to get there, except to say "let go" or "give yourself up." These are true, but insufficient to get us there.

If this is true, there must be a way to teach it, and there is. And if it's real, then it must get results, and it does, as long as the teacher has had the experience himself and can lead you there.

Quoting Father - Part 2
There are infallible laws, just a few of them - not many. This is a form of reasoning consciousness, because it is derived from the inner knowledge and wisdom of the individual. You can come up with what would be considered the most illogical answers, but you will find that if you test them they're true. The answers are active and retroactive in the spirit, which often appears opposite to what it is on the earth plane. There's nothing imperfect in it; it's just that we are looking through it as if we were seeing it in a mirror.

Then, there is Divine consciousness. This is when we pull out all the stops, get everything that we have learned or thought of out of the way. We don't ask any particular questions, we just get ourselves and our mind alive, and then we stop all the other thinking mechanisms, all the other consciousness, or looking to the Self for the answer, or anything else, and we open the line wide open. Then the things come directly in, right from the core of creation. Then we'll get nothing but things from the upper level of vibration or the heaven world, usually. It will be something to do with creation directly, or guidance of things that are beyond the earth plane. This is where we read from it, and we get something we know, or something we absolutely haven't even thought about.

These are the two forms of consciousness. The Divine, of course, has nothing to do with the physical itself. But in the immaterial consciousness, or what we call the reasoning consciousness, there enters into the body a burst, a flood of energy that comes into the Self and the soul, which also feeds into the body. This is what took place when Paul gained his illumination and realization on the road to Damascus. That bolt of lightning hit him and really did the job in one fell swoop. He had some difficulties for the next few days, that's for sure, but it all worked out. This is what can happen when we go into this sort of thing.

We never try to go into this unless we are ready to let go of the whole works and forget all about what we think. Of course, that's one of our greatest troubles - we're always thinking!

The soul has its memory and its consciousness. That consciousness has nothing to do directly with the physical side of life, but with the greater divine scheme of things. In other words, it's the pattern of the divine creation that's in the soul (it actually runs the physical body and its automatic mechanisms).

Father reads: The Original Sin of Man
Man's part in this is the failure to recognize the divine consciousness in his soul. Man is neither a living being nor a material expression, but a living soul. Man is of the consciousness of God and of the expression of matter. He is infinite with God and all that he has is infinite when he is with God. He has the shell (container) and the association (the environment), but he is the soul into which God breathes the breath of life. All organic beings have a principle of self-determination, to which the name "soul" is generally given. This is a self-determination...

Father resumes:
In other words, it is like a code number which relates to a certain pattern in a computer. It is your identity and always will be, because you will always carry it with you throughout your entire existence. Through all of the many, many volumes of metaphysical writings and translations, it takes a lot of scraping to find anything about the soul, because they haven't been thorough enough and gone into their own records and gotten into the records of the Father in order to correlate some of the experiences they had while they were experiencing the presence of God. Father Paul

This is why we here in the order stress very stongly to keep away from interpretation until you have examined all of the facts and experiences and shaken them down together. What we find MUST conform to the basic law of creation, and it must be constructive and have a creative function, otherwise we know that something is wrong in our findings. They must have safety valves and devices in all of their functions IF they are right.

God never created anything that couldn't function by itself, with the exception of one thing in man's life, and that is that he is not complete until he has found his true mate and functions with her both in the physical world and in the spiritual. Here are two souls coming together in perfect balance. Outside of that, man has all the tools to live a happy, fruitful, and contented life.

So if you find something in your experience, or you see something, or you have some form of phenomenal manifestation which has a detrimental angle to it, go back and examine it and find out if it checks out with the basic laws of creation. If it does, then LOOK AGAIN, because you've missed a factor someplace, or it would not have an opening for you to make a mistake in. The eternal laws are never wrong and never change. It is only the evolution of the experiences that we get out of them that chznge. It is only the creation which we create and the advancement of our physical bodies that change, but the basic laws are not going to change. If they did, we would have to change the law of cause and effect, and our whole solar system would fly apart, and we would have a mess that no computer could straighten out.

People oftimes rebel at the use of the word "infallible". It can only be used when it comes to the principles of creation and the definte one or two laws of God - there isn't any question about this. The only reason you get something different in your seeking than the next man is the fact you are you, and he is another individual. These laws are at the same base, but they manifest through your personality, which is in the soul.

Question: Can you meditate without concentration?

Answer: No, because you have to have absolute control of mind. Sometimes people get into that half-asleep, half-awake state of consciousness, but this is really not very far from the psychic level. To rise above this you either have to project yourself out or move out - one or the other. Of course, this is not very difficult or complicated once the body is clean and in shape and has strength and power enough to do it. Some people try this when they don't have good, clean bodies, and then they have troubles - that's always the case.

Father resumes:
One thing you can always bank on in any creed, religion, cult, or anything of this nature whatsoever: if it won't stand the scientific probing of a normal, healthy mind, and the facts which are given you do not tally or coordinate with the basic facts of science, then you better look again. Because I think you will find that what you're being told has some practice of fallacy in it. If you want to check what I have said tonight regarding the automatic systems of the body, get a "Gray's Anatomy" and check the vagus nerve and the automatic nerve systems, and you will find them exactly as I have given them, because God created it, not me, and I'm not going to try to change it, not now.

We do change these things, and we have in past centuries. Man developes what the Father created, and as he evolves he developes his own vehicle - the form for it. But the creation is done by the power of the Father and the intelligence of the Hierarchy.

God bless you all.