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December 11, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

These are truly important times. I think that the White Brothers would want us to come together and organize ourselves in a spiritual way to address the problems that currently face the world. I cannot imagine that they would want us to do nothing. And while I do not mean to imply that you as an individual aren't doing everything you can in your spiritual work for peace in the world, or your particular organization, I am asking you to reach out to all of your brothers and sisters, no matter what form they are now following, and to unite with them in this endeavor.

This Is the Age of Activity

As we step out in prayer and make our intention known in the physical world, the Law of Karma is put into motion. It is at this point that the outcome of our prayer is made possible, because until it is applied with energy, it does not yet exist as a cause in the Mind of God.

No one knows what the outcome of a prayer will be, not even God, until it is formally brought into play. This means that until a prayer is "spoken"óaudibly, mentally, or existentiallyóit does not yet exist in the mind of God and cannot be acted upon. As an idea, it has no effect in the world. Itís like an unsigned check put into a drawer until the desire to "spend" it allies itself with the will.

To be sure, we do not want to rush headlong into a course of action that may bring harm to ourselves or others. This is why the ancient writers urged humility and a careful approach to the laws of creation. But there is a big difference between rushing headlong and doing nothing. The so-called sin of omission can be just as grievous as the sin of commission. Silently knowing that the will of God will prevail is the platform from which we work, but it does not replace the work itself. One can know that love is always the will of God, but unless the Word is spoken in the face of hatred or apathy, it remains like a medicine on the shelfóuseless, unless it is taken.

The one thing we can be sure of in regards to the Law of Mind is that we are not the sole possessors of it. Everyone uses it every second of their lives. And God is no respecter of persons. Hitler was a master in its use, and was within reach of his objectives right up until others who also new how to use the Word banded together and overrode the thing he had put in motion. He lost the war in Europe because he made unbelievable and inexplicable errors in judgement. He had the will, but his inner source of information was vulnerable. He was blinded by greed, fear, and hatred, and this made him easy to cordon off in the Mind. But he was only acted upon after he had done great harm. How much less damage would have been done if he had been sidetracked early on, before he had a chance to gain his momentum?

The Cuban Missile Crisis is another example. Those who were directly involved on both sides tell chilling stories of how close we came to annihilation during those thirteen days in 1962. Imagine what life would be like today if we had gone to war. There were several crossroads in the evolution of that crisis, decisions that were made in the heat of the moment, that in retrospect can only be described as miraculous in the way they turned out. The whole world was praying for peace, but only because the danger was so evident and immediate. Today, the problems are just as serious, but they are subtle. Rights and freedoms are not being yanked out from under us; they are slowly being bought one at a time. The truth doesnít have to be censored, only made boring. "If it bleeds, it leads", as they say in the media, but if itís slowly eroding into the sea, no one cares. It takes wisdom and experience to detect serious problems in their early stages. Jesus Christ has entrusted us with both.

Whether the Law is enacted consciously for specific ends, or it is used by default does not matter, as in the unconscious acceptance of conditions and beliefs, beliefs which have been engineered upon the general population through advertising and the slow but careful suppression of diversity of thought in the public forum. It will work just as well. Subtlety is the hallmark of a master technician. One does not kick the dogóyou slowly anesthetize it, and then drag it outside.

It was easy to gather support in the fight against Hitler, because the enemy had a face. We knew where he lived and how he thought. Itís much harder now, because the "enemy" has no face. You probably think that Iím talking about terrorists and their organizations. If you do, itís because I phrased this sentence the same way that the media phrases itóthe "enemy without a face". But the real issues in the world are complex, and as such do not play well on the evening news. The enemyís face has to be painted in so that itís easy to understand, and easy to hate. The real face of the enemy lives in our mirrors, whenever we are fearful, hateful, or apathetic to the needs of the world. Thatís the real reason why this war, the war on terrorism, is called a war without boundaries, because it lives in all of us. And we either support it consciously and deliberately (with our fear and hatred), or we support it unconsciously by default. Unless we speak the Word inwardly as well as outwardly, our ignorance will undo our best intentions. Even God cannot override that.

Self-realization and the light of Christ, the illumination, have given us a unique perspective. Those of us who are ordained took a vow of service to everyone, which prohibits us from taking sides in any dispute. I believe that the real reason for this is that problems are never "out there", neither are they localized in any one group. Why waste the time and the effort working on the effects if you have access to the cause?

I want to be really careful about not coming across to you like an alarmist or as your "leader", because I am neither. Iím only a guy with a computer and a modem. But Iím a reasonably intelligent guy with a computer and a modem, and Iím dedicated to the free exchange of ideas. And, like you, I was trained in the Holy Order of MANS. So what Iím trying to do here is to offer some alternatives, not to steal anyoneís thunder or to draw attention to myself. I am a commentator, and hopefully a good one. Whether that is true is up to you to determine. If you believe, like I do, that united action is whatís needed, then carry it out in your own way. What you do is strictly up to you, and whoever you can get to go along with you. One thing is for certain, though: two or more heads are always better than one. If we can align ourselves in spirit, and leave our differences at the door, we will have a major effect on the way this current situation turns out.


Yours in Christ,

Mike Maciel

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