Table of Contents
Questions and Answers
INTU Newsletter
Eternal Flame
The People Behind the Ideas

Beyond Metaphysics
-the integration of science and religion

Understanding The Bible
- looking through the eyes of the ancient writers

What Is the Will of God?
- it is God's will that our prayers get answered

The Origins of Evil
- our role in the biggest show on Earth

Where Is Within?
- where is that elusive place called "within"?

Minority Report
- a metaphysical look at a sci-fi thriller

This Magic Moment
- where is the Now?

Living Symbolism and the Light of Christ
- how to get around the ego without waking it up

The World As I See It
-an essay by Albert Einstein

Let's Explore Consciousness
- Intuition vs. Subliminal Messages

Sympathy for the Devil
- first chakra activities and the Orobouros Principle, the snake that bites its own tail

In Me, Through Me
- is the light real?