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Don't Say That!

Don't say that!


You just said, "Accidents happen." I can't believe you said that. I know we were talking about your boss, but Mikey's going roller blading this afternoon!

What's my conversation with Bill have to do with our son?

Well let me ask you, Don, do you really believe that accidents happen?

Come on, Ellie. I work in a machine shop. It's a well-known fact that the average shop has three minor accidents a year. They do studies on stuff like this. It's no big deal. Hell, even the insurance companies make allowances for it.

Gee, I wonder why. Look, I just don't want that kind of thinking in our house, especially when our child's safety is concerned. We talked about this in class the other night, don't you remember? We can't run our lives according to statistics! Jesus, Don, aren't you the one who's always talking about free will? Where's the free will in that?

Well, where's the line here, Ellie? I mean, we can't say that no accidents are going to happen. That's not realistic. This is the real world, and things bump into each other. Sometimes we get hurt. I just don't think we should let the little stuff get to us like this!

(Whoa, take a deep breath, stay calm...don't get into a major fight with him over this) Ok...look...let's sit down. You want some ice tea? Mikey...did you call Tommy yet? Let him know we'll be there at 12:30, ok? First of all, I want you to respect my thinking on this, Don. Remember? Those are the ground rules... right? You have to let me express myself on this.

Yes...right. Ok, what've you got?

I'm not saying that things don't happen. I'm not blind to the "real" world. You make it sound like I'm some airy-fairy, New Age idiot! I've been working with this stuff for years. I think I know something about it.

I'm sorry. That was a dumb thing for me to say.

It's not that stuff doesn't happen. It just doesn't have to happen to us. If we allow ourselves to buy into the belief that accidents happen, even little ones, then we open the door to it. We have to take a stand on this. We have to decide what we're going to accept, and what we're not. We have to embrace safety...we have to stand in the middle of safety, and not let other people talk us out of our center. Isn't there a sign in your shop that says something like Safety Is No Accident?

Yeah...there is. You're right.

That's what I mean, Don. We've got to be intentional about this.

But if we're afraid of accidents, won't that draw them to us?

We don't have to be afraid; we just have to know what we want. Being afraid is different from choosing the opposite of the thing you're afraid of. I'm not worried about Mikey. When I think about him, I just see him inside of safety. I don't even consider the possibility of accident! That's mind control.


Listen, honey. Remember the other night over at Bill and Marsha's when you and Bill were talking about how great it is to live in a free society, and Marsha asked you what "freedom" is? You said with such convincing confidence, "I am freedom!" We were all so taken with how real that sounded, how you were really taking it on, as though freedom was your only reason for existing. It was like you were taking personal responsibility for the freedom of the whole country.

Sure, I remember that -- and I do take responsibility for it. It's a consciousness thing. As long as I hold a place for freedom, it exists. It exists because that's what I'm being -- I'm a channel for freedom.

Well, sweetheart, how about taking on safety too? At least when it comes to the three of us. Who knows, maybe the whole world will be a safer place if you do.

Ok, honey, I see. You're right. I guess I was being a lay down about this.

A "lay down"?

That's what car salesmen call na´ve customers who pay whatever the sticker price says. I was being a lay down. I suppose Bill and I were rationalizing why the accident happened -- just making excuses, really. What it boils down to is that we let our guard down -- we let our consciousness slip. Maybe it was that first aid sales guy that came in the other day. Maybe we bought into that. Maybe we should get rid of the first aid kit altogether! Maybe every time anyone looks at it, the consciousness of accidents gets in!

(O, brother!) Don, that's like saying you shouldn't have insurance. These things are just tools. They're affirmations of your intention. It's like putting your money where your mouth is.

But aren't things like insurance based on fear?

They can be -- but you don't have to see it that way. I grant you, most people do buy things like insurance and first aid kits out of fear, but why not use them as powerful statements of your intention? Let them symbolize protection. Besides, they're required by law.

Government! They do everything out of fear.

Well, don't know that. Even if they do, what difference does it make? Someone else's intention doesn't have to sway yours, does it? Wouldn't that qualify you as a "lay down"?

All right, all's just that...well, that's a lot of force being brought to bear on you, y'know? I mean, the knowing of all those people, not just the government, but everyone...

Sure, it might be a lot of force. So why not use it? Why not transform that energy so that it adds to your knowing. Once it reaches you it doesn't belong to them anymore anyway. It's up for grabs. It's your life! No one has power over you unless you give it to them.

Don, you have to take it back.

What, my power?

No, your word. You said, "Accidents happen", and you have to take it back. You've got to negate what you said. You can't take back your power -- you never lost it.

What, do you want me to say, "Accidents don't happen"? I don't think my subconscious mind is going to swallow that one. There's way too much evidence against it.

No, just say the opposite. BE safety, the way you ARE freedom. Get in the consciousness of that...the reality of that, and speak from there. If that's where you are, anything you say will have to be right...know what I mean, jellybean?

How'd you get so smart?

I never got smart -- I've always been this way. You're the one who's getting smart. You should listen to me more. I have to wear this dumb helmet?