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Jayna's Preparation

A Short Piece of Spiritual Fiction

"It's so frustrating having to deal with one and then the other. Can't we make them both appear together?"

"No, not at this level. Here we have to deal with them separately."

Jayna took a deep breath and settled back into her chair. Once more she focused on the flame hovering over the table in front of her and began the long, steady inhalation that would start the exercise. An image of a simple cottage emerged from the middle of the flame, and soon replaced it entirely. And, like the flame, it hovered just above the table.

This was the interpretive phase of the exercise. The cottage pulsed with feelings of home and family, color and warmth. She held her breath for a moment and watched the feelings consolidate and then slowly begin to fade. Next, with her controlled exhalation, the analytical phase began. The cottage showed itself with its crisp details and stunning three-dimensionality -- line and shape, weight and proportion. The origins of its architectural details unfolded in her mind as she became one with its design.

Jayna had practiced this exercise for twenty days now, Earth time, and her impatience with the on-off nature of the image was coming to a head, which showed her instructor that she was nearing a breakthrough.

It wasn't easy for those who, like Jayna, were preparing for another round of incarnation after having spent so long "on vacation". It took hours and hours in the Preparation Room doing exercises like this one before a re-entry candidate could descend to the next level, where the Birth Selection Process would begin.

That's it, Jayna...hold it steady almost have it.

The Council had determined that Jayna was nearing the completion of her third stage, the point at which an incarnating soul would begin to take on true individuality, known as the Cloak of One Color. Mira had been assigned to her -- Mira of the Nine Stars, a transition mother in the Order of the Black Sleeve. Jayna was the particular focus of Mira's attention because, of all her assignees, Jayna showed the most promise of emerging into the physical world with her soul intact.

Jayna's exhalation seemed interminably long, but she knew she was close, and she trusted Mira's ability to seal the breech just as soon as the image of the cottage became fixed. This part of the exercise was called anchoring, and Jayna had never gotten this close to it before.

"Steady...steady," Mira said in a slow, measured tone as she stood behind Jayna. Her eyelids were fully closed, but she was looking -- always looking. As a transition mother, whatever Mira looked upon became stabilized -- such was her function. She was a master of dark matter.

Mira reached into Jayna's back and held her first and middle fingers just millimeters away from the Door to the Upper Room, the shimmering field of potential that separates the abdominal and thoracic cavities of the spiritual body. With her calm and perfectly controlled gaze, she steadied the quivering energy field before Jayna's reaction had a chance to shake it apart. It was at that moment that Jayna anchored the practice image of the cottage. Her awareness "bounced" into the area just below her heart, and Mira withdrew the supports of the Door, allowing the floor of the Upper Room to congeal.

"There...we've done it!" Mira said. Mentally, she began to back away, slowly disengaging herself from her candidate's vital sphere. After a moment or two, Mira asked, "How do you feel, Jayna?"

Jayna released her controlled breathing, and suddenly she felt herself soaring in a wide-open expanse of sky. She felt as though her body were arching backward in a weightless and endless somersault of delight.

"It's wonderful", she said. "It's all so wonderful!" She paused a moment, and the words came again, only this time they came from deep within her, as though they were speaking themselves -- "Simply wonderful." As she leaned back into her chair, the whirling motion subsided, and opening her eyes she turned and said, "Thank you, Mother Mira."

"My pleasure, dear." As she spoke, she turned away so that Jayna could not see her face, and adjusting her robes, focused her trained awareness on herself. She watched as her apprehension crested and then begin to withdraw. She knew what Jayna's completion of this exercise meant. "I think tomorrow you'll be ready to go downstairs," she said.

Caught up in the intensity of her own experience, Jayna was unaware of Mira's feelings. "Will I remember this when I'm born?" she asked. "...this part of the exercise, I mean."

"Yes", Mira said, happy to let her mind do the talking now, "but only for a few months. Only fourth-stage people are conscious of it throughout their lives. As you grow up, the experience will still be there, but in the background, so to speak. But, don't worry -- that's the way it's supposed to work, you know. After all, you need something to call to you. Otherwise, you might forget which direction you're supposed to be heading. Earth life can be very distracting."

"Will you still be there for me?"

Mira hesitated, but only briefly. And then, turning, she smiled brightly and said, "No, Jayna. But your parents will be...and, of course, your guardians will be there, too."

"But will my parents know who I am? Will they know me like you do?"

"They will know you as their own. This will all come back to you, Jayna. I know it's hard for you to remember. You've been here...a long time."

"I just don't want to forget what it's like here! I feel like I'm going so far away!"

"You are, dear. But, I'll be here when you get back. In fact, I'll be conducting your awakening. It will all be over before you know it. You'll see."

Jayna stood and gave Mira a long, warm hug. "You're such a good midwife," she said.

"You'll do just fine, Jayna. You'll do just fine!"